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Build 9

by Kaperstone at 00:17:00 Tue 15th May 2018

After a very long time, we've finally made it! We are announcing the release of our new build, BUILD NINE!
With this build, the server is moved to a new host, a much more powerful one, new ip:

With the new host, We're very happy to announce that we now should be very well protected from any further attack. We would like to explain that our recent downtimes were because of a new server who attacked us the past few days, however, we surely tried our best to combat the situation and thus we have developed a new set of mechanism that would help us combat attacks more efficiently. We would also love to thank our loyal community members who has chosen to stick with us and did not lose hope in us. Very much appreciated!


A lot of new security updates were added in order to ensure smoother game play, this build was mainly targeted at rewriting the old script and making it better and faster, we have built a sufficient environment to enable us move to the next phase of inserting new innovative features to the server, end goals were already set and we hope you'll like the new features that are to be added to build 10.


  • Players with more than 5 wanteds cannot use /go unless it is to gang members
  • Fixed spawning with god mode in gwar
  • /resync to attempt a resync (always advised to relog instead.)
  • /respawn to spawn again
  • New transition when you login/register
  • New class selection
  • GC bag will now be randomly placed, roughly ±200 far from the hint itself.±500 far from the original placed coordinates
  • Cannot use /h or /e while in gwar
  • Cannot teleport if you were shot 5 seconds before the teleportation and damaged a player in freeroam since the spawn. (this is done to prevent death evades, valid for all freeroam teleportation and /dm's)
  • Gang wars are protected by three layers, on layer one death match will be disabled for players that don't participate in the gang war, on layer two the players that don't participate in the gang war will start to be pushed back from the zone.
  • Improved /ignore
    • /ignore [playerid]- to ignore PM's, messages on the main chat and teleportation
    • /ignore [playerid] 1 - to ignore PM's and messages on the main chat
    • /ignore [playerid] 2 - to ignore teleportation

  • There is now a cooldown of 3 seconds to /go
  • Punches while /god is on are now desynced (visible on the client who issues the punches only)
  • There is now a warning counter that doesn't fade away after you logout. a total of 50 warnings will automatically suspend the account permanently.
  • 3 Allowed attempts to login.
  • VIP count down will now effect only players in the range of 100 and up to 10 players only. (beside yourself)
  • New VIP command: /spawnship
  • Started to work on /help [command], some commands may have it, some may not.
  • If you have saved a skin, you should automatically spawn.
  • The server will restart automatically once per 24 hours.
  • Added sounds.
  • Reaction test will notify now when it ends.
  • Cannot be harmed by car-park or from heli-blades.
  • Headshot with a sniper will produce x1.25 the damage.
  • An attempt to combat similar text spam.
  • Introducing house tax, this is currently an experimental phase, it's goal is to balance the amount of businesses and houses a player has.
  • Score needed for more houses and businesses has been risen.
  • Players at the spawn will take no damage from players in vehicles as drivers.
  • Messages in all chats will be line-break if are too long to fit in one message
  • Unregistered players will have their names with _[0-999] in order to better recognize unregistered players.
  • Race won't start with one player.
  • Added increased chat cooldown for unregistered players (1 message per 3 seconds)
  • Cannot send messages that are too similar, have too many !, @ or have too much uppercase letters in them
  • /dm has been moved to /dm1, /dm will show a list of available dm's (to prepare to future updates)
  • If there is a draw in /derby, it will randomly choose one of the maps that had a draw.
  • You can now use /cc like so /cc 0 or /cc 0 0
  • /black has been removed.
  • Players with 0.3.DL version can now join the server.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed two ranchers with different prices & the dialog showing the wrong vehicle
  • Fixed "Allow teleports" in /settings
  • Fixed /blur
  • Fixed coloration
  • Auto god-mode has been fixed.
  • /knock bug has been fixed


  • The server should run a lot smoother now. (Drastically! dozens of optimizations were applied.) The code has gone through an overhaul and revamp. There is still a lot to do but the critical parts has already been dealt with.
  • Security updates.

Huge thanks to Kaperstone for the efforts he put onto the development of the gamemode, to Jack_ for helping & testing, special thanks to Faker & Vance for spending hours on testing with us and to the staff.


Build 8

by Kaperstone at 08:03:17 Tue 19th Dec 2017

Bug fixes:

1. Fixed the bug which occured when player gets /reward'ed, he gets 5000 $ in /stats but on main screen/hud he doesn't get anything. Technically player gets money, just in-hand money on screen doesn't show that.
2. Fixed stores robbery timer in CnR
3. Fixed a bug where sometimes you couldnt start the event because "Someone is already creating"
4. Fixed a bug where players could bypass login and still use the nickname.
5. Fixed a bug where sometimes LMS gets bugged saying someone is already creating an event.
6. Knock can no longer start with less than 1 runner / less than 1 destroyer
7. Fixed the bug where missiles were randomly launched in freeroam
8. Fixed a bug where sometimes you did not get frozen in /blur starting prior
9. Fixed a bug where admins two line messages was repeated.
10. Fixed a bug where your score wasn't updated after claiming your daily reward


1. Added a Ramp Spawner system for VIPs to create ramps which only you can see, disappears after three seconds and then you can spawn another one. (/ramp)
2. Increased shooter bounce power a bit (from 0.20 to 0.35)
3. Changed shooter Disney's vehicle to Bullet, Vinewood vehicle to Comet
4. Added derby anti camping (If player's velocity is under 15km/h, vehicle's health decreases by 25 per second.)
5. World map has been edited and will often be edited now by selo.
6. Improved the anti spam. It now checks if the message the player is trying to type is repeated (no matter the time) and it also checks if he tried to send more than 1 message per a second
7. Enabled winter edition;
In the winter edition, there will be a ferris wheel nearby /beach - a mini map (/xmas) - Christmas trees in spawn points - snow in some places allover San Andreas - a new command to claim your Christmas gifts (/santa), go ahead and try your luck!

8. Added wider variation of private vehicles.
9. Added a new custom house for Drask.
10. You can no longer sell or buy gc if you have less than 500 score.

Build 7

by Kaperstone at 04:16:00 Tue 05th Sep 2017

Bug Fixes:

  1. Destroyers can't kill each other anymore.
  2. Fixed the knock broadcast spam.
  3. Fixed a bug where last online date wasn't saved.
  4. Friendly fire is no longer allowed in Knock
  5. Fixed a bug where if you /sellvip, you will still have the vip chat color
  6. Fixed a bug where sometimes you earned extra cash in minigames
  7. Fixed a bug where sometimes you spawned with missiles in your vehicle in freeroam
  8. Fixed a bug where it showed question marks above vehicle in derby/shooter instead of actual vehicle health.
  9. Fixed a bug where it gave a wrong hint in gc hunt
  10. Fixed a bug in lottery where sometimes it drew 76 as the random number
  11. Fixed a bug in last login date where it wasn't saved
  12. Fixed a bug where knock got bugged randomly after massive-play
  13. Fixed private vehicles system.
    - You couldnt use /pv at all.
    - Sometimes it used to say you can't spawn/control your vehicle because "slot is not in use". (Thanks to Joey)
  14. Fixed /pkstats spacing. It looks prettier now.
  15. Fixed a bug where it sent an error message when you completed skydive.
  16. Fixed a bug where Runners had the same knock world when they died.


  1. Added /knock to the footer
  2. Added a timer to end the knock minigame (180~ second)
  3. Added colors for Destroyers, Runners team in Knock
  4. A knock round will end after 3 minutes automatically if no winner
  5. You only have 10 RPGs now and a sniper as a Destroyer
  6. Edited the map a bit so it wont be heavily Destroyer sided
  7. Added /glory as BMX challenge
  8. You can no longer escape from Destroyers without vehicle
  9. Added /nrg as a challenge
  10. Added /yt for players to play youtube audio
  11. Added a daily reward system, you either receive 25 GC or 25 score or $50k daily
  12. In challenges, you'll find checkpoints to spawn the vehicle required (Either infront of spawn or behind).
  13. Added /trackmania(1-3) as challenges
    - USE LMB to repair/add nitros to your vehicle.
  14. Added /ip(1-3) as challenges
    - Use LMB to repair/add nitros to your vehicle.
  15. Added /skydive9
  16. Added knock wins to /stats
  17. Added a new house interior, Bungalow (Mapped by Impak)
  18. Added Duel wins to /stats
  19. Improved /knock map, Destroyers's spawn is now in cage. (Thanks to DriftStar)
  20. Added 'Times Rewarded' to the /stats
  21. Added /pkstats to cmds -> General
  22. Added 'GC Bars Found' to /stats
  23. Added new spawn hotspot (/fl) (Mapped by DriftStar)
  24. Added /speedo to toggle speedometer (Also found in /settings)
  25. Updated Streamer plugin
  26. Updated MapAndreas plugin
  27. Implemented a new custom sync system. (Thanks to WhiteTiger)
    - Most of health hacks are now prohibited
    - lag.cs is prohibited
    - The hit registration is now accurate.
    - We are using a custom hp bar to replace the default one, however its kinda big so it might conflict with your hud mods, if you have any.
  28. Added a new spawn point at Fisher Lagoon (/fl). (Mapped by DriftStar)
  29. Added a new minigame, Blur, it's the same like race but with vehicle collision and power ups like:
    - Repair: repairs your vehicle
    - Missile: gives you one missile shot
    - Stun: freezes people in your range (50m)
    - Boost: gives you nitros
  30. Added /pms to view your latest recieved messages.
  31. Added /cctv for VIPs/Admins to watch hotspots.
  32. Added /lms for VIPs to start Last Man Standing events (Thanks to Joey)
  33. Added two new custom houses for Faker (/fa and /fi)
  34. Update the footer with the new minigames.

Build 6

by Kaperstone at 08:10:00 Thu 03rd Aug 2017


  • Added "Lucky Clover" achievement (Win the lotto once)
  • Added "Breaking Race Records" achievement (Overcome any place on the race records)

Bug fixes:

  1. Fixed a GC bug where sometimes you couldnt sell your GC (Seller doesnt have that much GC anymore)
  2. Fixed some Typos
  3. Fixed a bug where some records werent saved in Quad race.
  4. Fixed a pokemongo bug which used to give you cash and score when you get to the health pick ups
  5. Fixed a bug in shooter where missiles used to explode before they get shot.
  6. Removed /tune and /eject from /cmds because they didn't exist


  1. Added a new bikec challenge (/bikec4)
  2. Added a new challenge (/skydive8)
  3. Hayclimb is now winnable. (/hayclimb)
  4. If you fail doing a skydive, it re-spawns you again in the skydive till you /exit


  1. Added a new duel map called Death Island


  1. When a gang member disconnects, it will inform other gang members of the event.


  1. Added a new knock out minigame, Runners play vs Destroyers, Destroyers have RPGs and should destroy the Runners before they do the Infernus Parkour and get to the checkpoint to escape.
  2. Replaced the derby map Truncat with a new map called Disney land
  3. Replaced the derby map Glazz with a new map called Construction
  4. Replaced the derby map Lighthouse with a new map called Sky Jumper
  5. Replaced the derby map Skyskiing with a new map called Splash


  1. Added a new custom house (/mh)
  2. Added a new custom house (/fh)
  3. Edited the World map a bit.
  4. Added a new custom house (/sfdrift)


  1. Added skydive7 to /t -> challenges
  2. Enabled changing your car color in races (/cc)
  3. Changed the GC Package spawn locations
  4. If the GC Hunt Package isn't found, a new one is spawned.
  5. Added more killstreaks (75, 100, 150, 200)
  6. Added KeSeSe's name on /aa house.
  7. Added /customworld where there won't be custom objects, you can roam in the original san andreas map as you like.
  8. Added a teleport command to a drift map which already existed (/drift2)
  9. Added new animations. (/kiss - /cry - /handstand - /aim - /madbug - /strangewalk - /tased - /gymboxer - /swim - /dodge - /strip - /blowjob)
  10. Added /mycolor to show your color RGB
  11. Added /bike to spawn you a fast vehicle.
  12. MySQL updated to the latest version.
  13. Added /grules to /cmds -> gang commands
  14. Added /lws to cmds -> general commands
  15. It tells you to /lws when you buy a weapon slot now
  16. Gamemode optimization
  17. Unbanned all players except a few.
  18. Changed the payday system
    Description Percentage
    less than $1,000,000 + playing hours less than 35 1.5% of Bank Credit
    less than $1,000,000 0.25% of Bank Credit
    less than $5,000,000 0.5% of Bank Credit
    less than $10,000,000 0.75% of Bank Credit
    greater than $10,000,000 1.0% of Bank Credit


  1. Updated anti advertisement. Now you can type as many dots as you want.


  1. IMPak: Disney land map, /bikec4 and /skydive8
  2. DriftStar: Construction map, Splash map, fixing bugs caused by Impak's maps, gc location changing, /mh, /fh, /knock map,
  3. Kaperstone: helping in code
  4. SecretBoss: helping in knock minigame
  5. Admin team: testing and finding out bugs

Build 4

by Maro at 11:36:41 Wed 07th Sep 2016

* Added a new deathmatch with deagle and a knife (/dm6)
* Added a new deathmatch with rifle and 15 HP (/dm7)
* Improved Anti Advertisement system. (no more arab message detection)
* Added a new teleport (/ship)
* Added a new minigame, view forum for more information (/pokemongo)
* Added /maths to view the top math tests winners
* Added a new interior map (/lounge) (Mapped by Joe)
* You can now use /w in spawns again.
* Parkours are now winable. (1-6)
* Added /sban, /skick, /smute for administrators
* Added a VIP island (/vi) (Thanks to GtaFreak)
* Added a new skydive challenge (/skydive7) (Thanks to Xkeletun)
* Added a command to sell VIP status (/sellvip)
* Added a command to show gangwar rules (/grules)
* Edited /rules, it is now smaller and loads from a text file.
* Player is automatically respawned after finding a GC package.
* Fixed a random player detection in shooter. (Thanks to AbyssMorgan)
* Fixed a bug where it set the color of the player to a random one even if he has a saved color after quitting TDM.
* Fixed a bug where it gave you Bicoalc achievement instead of School Nerd achievement once you win your 1000th reaction
* Removed /drag and /parkour3 as they were causing crashes to players.
* Removed /parkour7 as the map was not complete.
* /new now should fetch the updates from a file in scriptfiles and not the website
* Fixed a bug where players couldnt win /bmx2 sometimes.
* Fixed a typo in banning dialog

Build 3

by Maro at 18:00:16 Fri 17th Jul 1970

* Added a command for Err0r to set admin levels in-game.
* Added /timeout for admins, /timeout me for players
* Added some new achievements, new achievements:
- Bank Millionaire (Reach 100M$ in bank)
- SkyGod (Win 200 fallouts)
- Shooter Master (Win 20 shooter)
- School Nerd (Win 1000 Maths test)
* Graph should be 100% fixed now.
* Fixed a bug where you could load your weapon set everywhere.
* Added /shooter (It is a mini-game like derby but you can shoot rockets from your car.)
* Moved some gang zones, created new gang zones.
* Added /bmx2 (Mapped by Ezio)
* Fixed Mr.Troll's bank where objects used to disappear
* You can no longer add satchels to your weapon set.
* Adjusted anti spawn kill, it now spawns you with weapons but jails you if you shoot someone who has less than 30 hp and in spawn.
* Added new toys
* Added new races (Thanks to PainMaker)
* Added /sync (Re sets your position, clears your animations)
* Added /dspec to spec players in duel (It only works if you have more than 500 score)
* Added /savetime to save your peronal time
* Added /saveweather to save your personal weather
* Added /rstw to reset your saved time and weather.
* Fixed a bug where you could get more than 100% armour from GC shop
* Added a command shortcut for /stopanims (/sa)
* Removed antifall as it does not fit to SEF (There are some places which you can not teleport to with vehicles)
* We now save the weekly gang score.
* Added new 90~ GC package spawn position. (Thanks to Scr1N)
* Added commands for General Admins+ to play music for all players or stop them (You can disable getting notifications about this system and disable this system for you from /settings)
* Added /liveradio which allows you to listen to some live radio stations.
* Deaths no longer count if you're doing a challenge.
* Added a new deathmatch in LVPD interior (/dm5)
* Removed a bugged credit market map in Los Santos.
* Updated streamer version.

Build 2-R1

by Maro at 15:13:36 Fri 17th Jul 1970

* Fixed /bikec2, /bikec3 where bikes fell under the objects.
* Fixed a bug in /aa where the planes fell under the objects.
* Fixed a bug where you could get weapons in spawn-sphere.
* You can no longer join skydives while in a challenge.
* You can no longer use anti-fall in challenges.
* Fixed a bug where adminpeak was not updated.
* Fixed a bug where you could pickup the GC package even if it was not spawned.
* Fixed a bug where you spawned in a random hotspot after dying in /dm
* Re-created the gang zones as some of them were in hotspots / near teleports (Thanks to IceCube)
* Fixed hit sound.
* Fixed the graph.
* Patched a few bikec3 shortcuts (Thanks to Mr.Troll)
* Fixed some typos.

Build 2

by Maro at 11:40:16 Wed 24th Jun 1970

* You can now earn gang score from death-matches.
* Fixed a bug where it showed all players as OFFLINE.
* Adjusted /acmds
* Edited /aa map (by Mr.Troll).
* Added a new /bank (Mapped by Mr.Troll).
* Fixed some typos.
* Removed some objects which showed old server names.
* Removed a building which blocked a road.
* Fixed a bug with Enterprise where you were able to buy any Enterprise for $1.5M.
* Added more spawns for DM2.
* Added '@' for quick reply to PMs.
* Players can no longer have weapons if they are on a spawn sphere.
* Players who try to kill those on spawn sphere from a long distance gets auto-jailed for 60 seconds.
* Reduced reaction tests & Math tests auto start timer to 5 minutes.
* Removed one of the /balloon teleports in /teles -> Special (it was written twice).
* Added /bikec2 and /bikec3 (Mapped by Mr.Troll).
* Added kill/death reset in GCshop.
* Added nick change cooldown reset in GCshop.
* Added a better RCON protection.
* Added a reward system (Admins should reward players who reported hackers, the reward gives 1 GC and $5000. Executive Administrator might reward for bug reports too!).
* Added saved weapon sets, they automatically load once you leave the spawn sphere or you can load them using /lws (/gc to edit your saved weapon slots).
* Added Gold Credit Packages hunt.
* Added anti-fall from bike (you can enable/disable from /settings).
* Added some functions for the website.
* Edited /rules

Build 1

by Maro at 10:46:56 Tue 13th Jan 1970

* Removed all old custom houses teleports
* Removed two useless commands
* Edited server name to OEF.
* Added /accid to show player's account ID (Level 1+).
* Removed Server Owner / Server Developer ranks.
* Created 96 Enterprises / 45 Gang Zones / 175 Houses.
* Added a new chat for head admins+. Chat prefix: '^'.
* Added /accname to show the name registered under a specific account ID.
* Changed /aaddcash max cash amount to 5M.
* It now disarms players when they join /bmx /bikec or any /skydive.
* Added hit sound (can be enabled/disabled from /settings).
* Added a new chat for Executive Administrators. Chat prefix: '&'.
* Removed a label welcoming players to an old custom house.
* Removed an old ramp label.
* Added a pickup to join the disco.
* Added Gold Credits system.
* Fixed a bug in /stats where string results were not arranged.
* Added /gc which teleports you to a shop where you can refill your health / buy armor for GC (Mapped by Joe).
* Added server intro song.
* Added /caps
* Added banks
* Fixed derby winning score string
* Added /wh
* Fixed a bug in /oban where it sent wrong admin account ID
* Added burgershot, 24/7 stores and an ammunation

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