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Stunt Evolution Freeroam Rules

Forum Rules

These rules apply to all community members and every user by using forums agrees to follow them:


- No spamming, no flooding (using same symbols/text in all over the place) and no constant usage of all capital letters. This rule applies to making threads, posts, shoutbox, profile comments and PMs.
- Multiple accounts are forbidden, person is allowed to have only one account;
- It is strictly forbidden to publish any information that:

  • incite ethnic, racial, religious, social and gender hatred;
  • distributes and propagates pornography, sexual services, sexual perversions and narcotic or psychotropic substances;
  • defames, insults someone, humiliates his honor and dignity;
  • infringes any copyright, trademark or patent;
  • constitutes a trade secret or other confidential information;
  • offensive or harmful to any person;
  • violates any person's right to privacy;
  • contains programs with viruses that infringe website or forums security;
  • advertising;
  • offers illegal activity or promotion;
  • contains private information about any person such as telephone numbers, addresses, personal identification numbers or any other private information

- Bumping old (2 weeks or older) threads is not allowed (except minigames & tutorials);
- Players are not allowed to reply in ban appeals, player reports, mapper and admin applications if it is not necessary i.e. not providing additional information that would be valuable;
- Every forums user should use common sense and make posts in right sections;
- Users mustn't use censored words or impolite language in their signatures, profile descriptions and avatars.


Users violating any of these listed rules will be warned accordingly or even banned.

SEF Administration