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Build 7

by Kaperstone at 06:01:53 Sun 24th Jun 18

Bug Fixes:

  1. Destroyers can't kill each other anymore.
  2. Fixed the knock broadcast spam.
  3. Fixed a bug where last online date wasn't saved.
  4. Friendly fire is no longer allowed in Knock
  5. Fixed a bug where if you /sellvip, you will still have the vip chat color
  6. Fixed a bug where sometimes you earned extra cash in minigames
  7. Fixed a bug where sometimes you spawned with missiles in your vehicle in freeroam
  8. Fixed a bug where it showed question marks above vehicle in derby/shooter instead of actual vehicle health.
  9. Fixed a bug where it gave a wrong hint in gc hunt
  10. Fixed a bug in lottery where sometimes it drew 76 as the random number
  11. Fixed a bug in last login date where it wasn't saved
  12. Fixed a bug where knock got bugged randomly after massive-play
  13. Fixed private vehicles system.
    - You couldnt use /pv at all.
    - Sometimes it used to say you can't spawn/control your vehicle because "slot is not in use". (Thanks to Joey)
  14. Fixed /pkstats spacing. It looks prettier now.
  15. Fixed a bug where it sent an error message when you completed skydive.
  16. Fixed a bug where Runners had the same knock world when they died.


  1. Added /knock to the footer
  2. Added a timer to end the knock minigame (180~ second)
  3. Added colors for Destroyers, Runners team in Knock
  4. A knock round will end after 3 minutes automatically if no winner
  5. You only have 10 RPGs now and a sniper as a Destroyer
  6. Edited the map a bit so it wont be heavily Destroyer sided
  7. Added /glory as BMX challenge
  8. You can no longer escape from Destroyers without vehicle
  9. Added /nrg as a challenge
  10. Added /yt for players to play youtube audio
  11. Added a daily reward system, you either receive 25 GC or 25 score or $50k daily
  12. In challenges, you'll find checkpoints to spawn the vehicle required (Either infront of spawn or behind).
  13. Added /trackmania(1-3) as challenges
    - USE LMB to repair/add nitros to your vehicle.
  14. Added /ip(1-3) as challenges
    - Use LMB to repair/add nitros to your vehicle.
  15. Added /skydive9
  16. Added knock wins to /stats
  17. Added a new house interior, Bungalow (Mapped by Impak)
  18. Added Duel wins to /stats
  19. Improved /knock map, Destroyers's spawn is now in cage. (Thanks to DriftStar)
  20. Added 'Times Rewarded' to the /stats
  21. Added /pkstats to cmds -> General
  22. Added 'GC Bars Found' to /stats
  23. Added new spawn hotspot (/fl) (Mapped by DriftStar)
  24. Added /speedo to toggle speedometer (Also found in /settings)
  25. Updated Streamer plugin
  26. Updated MapAndreas plugin
  27. Implemented a new custom sync system. (Thanks to WhiteTiger)
    - Most of health hacks are now prohibited
    - lag.cs is prohibited
    - The hit registration is now accurate.
    - We are using a custom hp bar to replace the default one, however its kinda big so it might conflict with your hud mods, if you have any.
  28. Added a new spawn point at Fisher Lagoon (/fl). (Mapped by DriftStar)
  29. Added a new minigame, Blur, it's the same like race but with vehicle collision and power ups like:
    - Repair: repairs your vehicle
    - Missile: gives you one missile shot
    - Stun: freezes people in your range (50m)
    - Boost: gives you nitros
  30. Added /pms to view your latest recieved messages.
  31. Added /cctv for VIPs/Admins to watch hotspots.
  32. Added /lms for VIPs to start Last Man Standing events (Thanks to Joey)
  33. Added two new custom houses for Faker (/fa and /fi)
  34. Update the footer with the new minigames.

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