5/200 Players, peak online: 89 peak connnected: 459 Average: 10.38

Build 6

by Kaperstone at 06:01:41 Sun 24th Jun 18


  • Added "Lucky Clover" achievement (Win the lotto once)
  • Added "Breaking Race Records" achievement (Overcome any place on the race records)

Bug fixes:

  1. Fixed a GC bug where sometimes you couldnt sell your GC (Seller doesnt have that much GC anymore)
  2. Fixed some Typos
  3. Fixed a bug where some records werent saved in Quad race.
  4. Fixed a pokemongo bug which used to give you cash and score when you get to the health pick ups
  5. Fixed a bug in shooter where missiles used to explode before they get shot.
  6. Removed /tune and /eject from /cmds because they didn't exist


  1. Added a new bikec challenge (/bikec4)
  2. Added a new challenge (/skydive8)
  3. Hayclimb is now winnable. (/hayclimb)
  4. If you fail doing a skydive, it re-spawns you again in the skydive till you /exit


  1. Added a new duel map called Death Island


  1. When a gang member disconnects, it will inform other gang members of the event.


  1. Added a new knock out minigame, Runners play vs Destroyers, Destroyers have RPGs and should destroy the Runners before they do the Infernus Parkour and get to the checkpoint to escape.
  2. Replaced the derby map Truncat with a new map called Disney land
  3. Replaced the derby map Glazz with a new map called Construction
  4. Replaced the derby map Lighthouse with a new map called Sky Jumper
  5. Replaced the derby map Skyskiing with a new map called Splash


  1. Added a new custom house (/mh)
  2. Added a new custom house (/fh)
  3. Edited the World map a bit.
  4. Added a new custom house (/sfdrift)


  1. Added skydive7 to /t -> challenges
  2. Enabled changing your car color in races (/cc)
  3. Changed the GC Package spawn locations
  4. If the GC Hunt Package isn't found, a new one is spawned.
  5. Added more killstreaks (75, 100, 150, 200)
  6. Added KeSeSe's name on /aa house.
  7. Added /customworld where there won't be custom objects, you can roam in the original san andreas map as you like.
  8. Added a teleport command to a drift map which already existed (/drift2)
  9. Added new animations. (/kiss - /cry - /handstand - /aim - /madbug - /strangewalk - /tased - /gymboxer - /swim - /dodge - /strip - /blowjob)
  10. Added /mycolor to show your color RGB
  11. Added /bike to spawn you a fast vehicle.
  12. MySQL updated to the latest version.
  13. Added /grules to /cmds -> gang commands
  14. Added /lws to cmds -> general commands
  15. It tells you to /lws when you buy a weapon slot now
  16. Gamemode optimization
  17. Unbanned all players except a few.
  18. Changed the payday system
    Description Percentage
    less than $1,000,000 + playing hours less than 35 1.5% of Bank Credit
    less than $1,000,000 0.25% of Bank Credit
    less than $5,000,000 0.5% of Bank Credit
    less than $10,000,000 0.75% of Bank Credit
    greater than $10,000,000 1.0% of Bank Credit


  1. Updated anti advertisement. Now you can type as many dots as you want.


  1. IMPak: Disney land map, /bikec4 and /skydive8
  2. DriftStar: Construction map, Splash map, fixing bugs caused by Impak's maps, gc location changing, /mh, /fh, /knock map,
  3. Kaperstone: helping in code
  4. SecretBoss: helping in knock minigame
  5. Admin team: testing and finding out bugs

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