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Build 4

by Maro at 06:00:37 Sun 24th Jun 18

* Added a new deathmatch with deagle and a knife (/dm6)
* Added a new deathmatch with rifle and 15 HP (/dm7)
* Improved Anti Advertisement system. (no more arab message detection)
* Added a new teleport (/ship)
* Added a new minigame, view forum for more information (/pokemongo)
* Added /maths to view the top math tests winners
* Added a new interior map (/lounge) (Mapped by Joe)
* You can now use /w in spawns again.
* Parkours are now winable. (1-6)
* Added /sban, /skick, /smute for administrators
* Added a VIP island (/vi) (Thanks to GtaFreak)
* Added a new skydive challenge (/skydive7) (Thanks to Xkeletun)
* Added a command to sell VIP status (/sellvip)
* Added a command to show gangwar rules (/grules)
* Edited /rules, it is now smaller and loads from a text file.
* Player is automatically respawned after finding a GC package.
* Fixed a random player detection in shooter. (Thanks to AbyssMorgan)
* Fixed a bug where it set the color of the player to a random one even if he has a saved color after quitting TDM.
* Fixed a bug where it gave you Bicoalc achievement instead of School Nerd achievement once you win your 1000th reaction
* Removed /drag and /parkour3 as they were causing crashes to players.
* Removed /parkour7 as the map was not complete.
* /new now should fetch the updates from a file in scriptfiles and not the website
* Fixed a bug where players couldnt win /bmx2 sometimes.
* Fixed a typo in banning dialog

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