5/200 Players, peak online: 89 peak connnected: 459 Average: 10.38

Build 3

by Maro at 06:02:06 Sun 24th Jun 18

* Added a command for Err0r to set admin levels in-game.
* Added /timeout for admins, /timeout me for players
* Added some new achievements, new achievements:
- Bank Millionaire (Reach 100M$ in bank)
- SkyGod (Win 200 fallouts)
- Shooter Master (Win 20 shooter)
- School Nerd (Win 1000 Maths test)
* Graph should be 100% fixed now.
* Fixed a bug where you could load your weapon set everywhere.
* Added /shooter (It is a mini-game like derby but you can shoot rockets from your car.)
* Moved some gang zones, created new gang zones.
* Added /bmx2 (Mapped by Ezio)
* Fixed Mr.Troll's bank where objects used to disappear
* You can no longer add satchels to your weapon set.
* Adjusted anti spawn kill, it now spawns you with weapons but jails you if you shoot someone who has less than 30 hp and in spawn.
* Added new toys
* Added new races (Thanks to PainMaker)
* Added /sync (Re sets your position, clears your animations)
* Added /dspec to spec players in duel (It only works if you have more than 500 score)
* Added /savetime to save your peronal time
* Added /saveweather to save your personal weather
* Added /rstw to reset your saved time and weather.
* Fixed a bug where you could get more than 100% armour from GC shop
* Added a command shortcut for /stopanims (/sa)
* Removed antifall as it does not fit to SEF (There are some places which you can not teleport to with vehicles)
* We now save the weekly gang score.
* Added new 90~ GC package spawn position. (Thanks to Scr1N)
* Added commands for General Admins+ to play music for all players or stop them (You can disable getting notifications about this system and disable this system for you from /settings)
* Added /liveradio which allows you to listen to some live radio stations.
* Deaths no longer count if you're doing a challenge.
* Added a new deathmatch in LVPD interior (/dm5)
* Removed a bugged credit market map in Los Santos.
* Updated streamer version.

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