5/200 Players, peak online: 89 peak connnected: 459 Average: 10.38

Build 2

by Maro at 06:01:04 Sun 24th Jun 18

* You can now earn gang score from death-matches.
* Fixed a bug where it showed all players as OFFLINE.
* Adjusted /acmds
* Edited /aa map (by Mr.Troll).
* Added a new /bank (Mapped by Mr.Troll).
* Fixed some typos.
* Removed some objects which showed old server names.
* Removed a building which blocked a road.
* Fixed a bug with Enterprise where you were able to buy any Enterprise for $1.5M.
* Added more spawns for DM2.
* Added '@' for quick reply to PMs.
* Players can no longer have weapons if they are on a spawn sphere.
* Players who try to kill those on spawn sphere from a long distance gets auto-jailed for 60 seconds.
* Reduced reaction tests & Math tests auto start timer to 5 minutes.
* Removed one of the /balloon teleports in /teles -> Special (it was written twice).
* Added /bikec2 and /bikec3 (Mapped by Mr.Troll).
* Added kill/death reset in GCshop.
* Added nick change cooldown reset in GCshop.
* Added a better RCON protection.
* Added a reward system (Admins should reward players who reported hackers, the reward gives 1 GC and $5000. Executive Administrator might reward for bug reports too!).
* Added saved weapon sets, they automatically load once you leave the spawn sphere or you can load them using /lws (/gc to edit your saved weapon slots).
* Added Gold Credit Packages hunt.
* Added anti-fall from bike (you can enable/disable from /settings).
* Added some functions for the website.
* Edited /rules

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