5/200 Players, peak online: 89 peak connnected: 459 Average: 10.38

Build 1

by Maro at 06:01:27 Sun 24th Jun 18

* Removed all old custom houses teleports
* Removed two useless commands
* Edited server name to OEF.
* Added /accid to show player's account ID (Level 1+).
* Removed Server Owner / Server Developer ranks.
* Created 96 Enterprises / 45 Gang Zones / 175 Houses.
* Added a new chat for head admins+. Chat prefix: '^'.
* Added /accname to show the name registered under a specific account ID.
* Changed /aaddcash max cash amount to 5M.
* It now disarms players when they join /bmx /bikec or any /skydive.
* Added hit sound (can be enabled/disabled from /settings).
* Added a new chat for Executive Administrators. Chat prefix: '&'.
* Removed a label welcoming players to an old custom house.
* Removed an old ramp label.
* Added a pickup to join the disco.
* Added Gold Credits system.
* Fixed a bug in /stats where string results were not arranged.
* Added /gc which teleports you to a shop where you can refill your health / buy armor for GC (Mapped by Joe).
* Added server intro song.
* Added /caps
* Added banks
* Fixed derby winning score string
* Added /wh
* Fixed a bug in /oban where it sent wrong admin account ID
* Added burgershot, 24/7 stores and an ammunation

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