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Build 9

by Kaperstone at 21:55:13 Sun 15th Jul 18

After a very long time, we've finally made it! We are announcing the release of our new build, BUILD NINE!
With this build, the server is moved to a new host, a much more powerful one, new ip:

With the new host, We're very happy to announce that we now should be very well protected from any further attack. We would like to explain that our recent downtimes were because of a new server who attacked us the past few days, however, we surely tried our best to combat the situation and thus we have developed a new set of mechanism that would help us combat attacks more efficiently. We would also love to thank our loyal community members who has chosen to stick with us and did not lose hope in us. Very much appreciated!


A lot of new security updates were added in order to ensure smoother game play, this build was mainly targeted at rewriting the old script and making it better and faster, we have built a sufficient environment to enable us move to the next phase of inserting new innovative features to the server, end goals were already set and we hope you'll like the new features that are to be added to build 10.


  • Players with more than 5 wanteds cannot use /go unless it is to gang members
  • Fixed spawning with god mode in gwar
  • /resync to attempt a resync (always advised to relog instead.)
  • /respawn to spawn again
  • New transition when you login/register
  • New class selection
  • GC bag will now be randomly placed, roughly ±200 far from the hint itself.±500 far from the original placed coordinates
  • Cannot use /h or /e while in gwar
  • Cannot teleport if you were shot 5 seconds before the teleportation and damaged a player in freeroam since the spawn. (this is done to prevent death evades, valid for all freeroam teleportation and /dm's)
  • Gang wars are protected by three layers, on layer one death match will be disabled for players that don't participate in the gang war, on layer two the players that don't participate in the gang war will start to be pushed back from the zone.
  • Improved /ignore
    • /ignore [playerid]- to ignore PM's, messages on the main chat and teleportation
    • /ignore [playerid] 1 - to ignore PM's and messages on the main chat
    • /ignore [playerid] 2 - to ignore teleportation

  • There is now a cooldown of 3 seconds to /go
  • Punches while /god is on are now desynced (visible on the client who issues the punches only)
  • There is now a warning counter that doesn't fade away after you logout. a total of 50 warnings will automatically suspend the account permanently.
  • 3 Allowed attempts to login.
  • VIP count down will now effect only players in the range of 100 and up to 10 players only. (beside yourself)
  • New VIP command: /spawnship
  • Started to work on /help [command], some commands may have it, some may not.
  • If you have saved a skin, you should automatically spawn.
  • The server will restart automatically once per 24 hours.
  • Added sounds.
  • Reaction test will notify now when it ends.
  • Cannot be harmed by car-park or from heli-blades.
  • Headshot with a sniper will produce x1.25 the damage.
  • An attempt to combat similar text spam.
  • Introducing house tax, this is currently an experimental phase, it's goal is to balance the amount of businesses and houses a player has.
  • Score needed for more houses and businesses has been risen.
  • Players at the spawn will take no damage from players in vehicles as drivers.
  • Messages in all chats will be line-break if are too long to fit in one message
  • Unregistered players will have their names with _[0-999] in order to better recognize unregistered players.
  • Race won't start with one player.
  • Added increased chat cooldown for unregistered players (1 message per 3 seconds)
  • Cannot send messages that are too similar, have too many !, @ or have too much uppercase letters in them
  • /dm has been moved to /dm1, /dm will show a list of available dm's (to prepare to future updates)
  • If there is a draw in /derby, it will randomly choose one of the maps that had a draw.
  • You can now use /cc like so /cc 0 or /cc 0 0
  • /black has been removed.
  • Players with 0.3.DL version can now join the server.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed two ranchers with different prices & the dialog showing the wrong vehicle
  • Fixed "Allow teleports" in /settings
  • Fixed /blur
  • Fixed coloration
  • Auto god-mode has been fixed.
  • /knock bug has been fixed


  • The server should run a lot smoother now. (Drastically! dozens of optimizations were applied.) The code has gone through an overhaul and revamp. There is still a lot to do but the critical parts has already been dealt with.
  • Security updates.

Huge thanks to Kaperstone for the efforts he put onto the development of the gamemode, to Jack_ for helping & testing, special thanks to Faker & Vance for spending hours on testing with us and to the staff.


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