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Build 8

by Kaperstone at 06:01:16 Sun 24th Jun 18

Bug fixes:

1. Fixed the bug which occured when player gets /reward'ed, he gets 5000 $ in /stats but on main screen/hud he doesn't get anything. Technically player gets money, just in-hand money on screen doesn't show that.
2. Fixed stores robbery timer in CnR
3. Fixed a bug where sometimes you couldnt start the event because "Someone is already creating"
4. Fixed a bug where players could bypass login and still use the nickname.
5. Fixed a bug where sometimes LMS gets bugged saying someone is already creating an event.
6. Knock can no longer start with less than 1 runner / less than 1 destroyer
7. Fixed the bug where missiles were randomly launched in freeroam
8. Fixed a bug where sometimes you did not get frozen in /blur starting prior
9. Fixed a bug where admins two line messages was repeated.
10. Fixed a bug where your score wasn't updated after claiming your daily reward


1. Added a Ramp Spawner system for VIPs to create ramps which only you can see, disappears after three seconds and then you can spawn another one. (/ramp)
2. Increased shooter bounce power a bit (from 0.20 to 0.35)
3. Changed shooter Disney's vehicle to Bullet, Vinewood vehicle to Comet
4. Added derby anti camping (If player's velocity is under 15km/h, vehicle's health decreases by 25 per second.)
5. World map has been edited and will often be edited now by selo.
6. Improved the anti spam. It now checks if the message the player is trying to type is repeated (no matter the time) and it also checks if he tried to send more than 1 message per a second
7. Enabled winter edition;
In the winter edition, there will be a ferris wheel nearby /beach - a mini map (/xmas) - Christmas trees in spawn points - snow in some places allover San Andreas - a new command to claim your Christmas gifts (/santa), go ahead and try your luck!

8. Added wider variation of private vehicles.
9. Added a new custom house for Drask.
10. You can no longer sell or buy gc if you have less than 500 score.

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